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    The Evolution of Natural Deodorant Sticks

    Sweating isn't bad. What is bad? Smelling. That's why so many people are switching to a natural deodorant stick. Remove the aluminum, which can build up in your system, remove the nasty chemical "fragrance" and find the best deodorant for women. That means something that doesn't just smell pretty, but isn't causing harm beneath the surface. And, obviously you want a natural deo that doesn't smell like you just walked a hundred miles through the jungle. So what's a girl to do?

    A Natural Deodorant Stick is Better for You

    Conventional deodorants found in stores use aluminum. Aluminum causes your ducts to swell so you can't sweat. Unfortunately, it also isn't great for you. Aluminum has been linked to health issues , including Alzheimer's, breast cancer, and other hormonal issues.

    Aluminum also traps bacteria inside your body, We need to sweat! Sweat is how our body rids itself of toxins. That's why natural deo uses plant-based materials to absorb the wetness. They also incorporate essential oils and other ingredients to reduce bacteria - which is part of what makes sweat stink - and kill odors. 

    Clearly, it's time to make a change! Try a natural deodorant stick that keeps you smelling great.

    How to Find the Best Deodorant for Women

    If you need a natural deodorant for sensitive skin, you will need different ingredients than other women. You'll need to pay attention to ingredients so you don't have any issues. Specifically, keep an eye out for the sweat-absorbing ingredient, since that's likely to cause you the most problems. The following are some of the ingredientsfound in plant-based deodorants:

    • Kaolin clay (sweat-absorbing great for sensitive skin)
    • Corn starch (sweat-absorbing)
    • Arrowroot powder (sweat-absorbing)
    • Baking soda (sweat-absorbing, but not ideal for sensitive skin)
    • Beeswax (moisturizing, anti-bacterial)
    • Coconut oil (moisturizing, soothing, anti-bacterial)
    • Aloe vera (anti-bacterial, anti-microbial)
    • Alcohol (anti-bacterial, but not ideal for people with sensitive skin)
    • Essential oils (anti-bacterial, deodorizing)

    After that, different essential oils will probably play the biggest role in how you smell. Deodorant scents are largely determined by essential oils. That's because they're gentle, but they're also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Look for earthy oils, like rosemary, citrus scents, like orange, or floral scents, like lavender or geranium.

    It's time to say no to the conventional deodorants that are wreaking havoc on your body! The best deodorant for women smells great, lets the body breathe and helps it rid toxins from the body. Get started today and never look back. 

    Natural deodorant for sensitive skin is an important step in the right direction because it shows we are taking our health into our own hands. We are paying attention to what is really going around us and it puts us in charge. Gone are the days of letting stench win. Instead, natural deodorant has evolved so you can smell great while letting your body do what it does best.